ECDIS Solutions

ECDIS Solutions

The type approved SEALL ECDIS provides a unique combination of software power and simplicity that makes it more capable, versatile and efficient than almost any other ECDIS available today.

 Touchscreen simplicity…

ECDIS Solutions in UAE

 SEALL’s multi-touch user interface puts incredible power at your fingertips and makes even the most complex work more natural to do. Control ECDIS navigation, access, view and interrogate information and action tasks faster and more easily.

By incorporating this touch screen technology into the design, it replaces the need for outdated expensive control panels and input devices like keyboards normally required in other ECDIS systems.  

A simple and modern tablet style menu enables users to move smoothly around SEALL’s features. And a 24-inch full colour display helps to guide you  through your voyage.

Type on a new type of ECDIS keyboard…

ECDIS Navigation



     A full QWERTY soft keyboard makes it easier to add special notes and annotate
passage plan on ECDIS. When users need to type, SEALL presents them with
     an elegant smartphone-like touch keyboard – so much more efficient than a
     tracker ball.



The power to work faster…

The SEALL ECDIS’s powerful processing capabilities and innovative new caching system enable ENCs to be loaded and displayed faster and tasks to be performed more quickly. 

SEALL ECDIS has been developed with the end-user in mind. It has been designed to include only features required by the end-user, to avoid over-complicating the system. SEALL ECDIS is easy to use and guarantees a seamless transition from other ECDIS systems or paper navigation, helping minimise disruption with day to day operation and any downtime.  

Ready to go…

The SEALL ECDIS has been designed with easy installation and set up in mind. It automatically detects any sensors that it is connected to including motion, positioning, and heading devices and automatically sets up monitoring functions like cross track.

Training and support…

Its ease of use also means that training is kept to a minimum. Because of the intuitive nature of the system and the simple interface, the navigation and manipulation of the system is straightforward to understand and use.

To ensure you are competent and compliant with regulatory requirements to meet the highest safety standards and understand the full potential of the tool, SEALL ECDIS is shipped with a simple to use, computer-based training application free of charge. 

Type approved and full compatibility…

The SEALL ECDIS has been Type Approved by DNV GL to the latest IEC 61174 Edition 4.0 standards and is fully compatible with all official ENC services including the market-leading AVCS and Primar products.


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