e- Navigation Services

 e- Navigation Services

NaviGate is our ‘All-In-One’ intuitively simple to use integrated e-navigation platform designed to manage and display your navigational data for safe and compliant navigation – saving time and improving safety and compliance.

NaviGate is more than a standard planning stationNaviGate allows you to:

- plan and optimise their routes
- obtain all the appropriate charts and all other important data
- create, execute and monitor the voyage plan 

key functions: 

Outfit Management 


Built from experience in developing other chart management systems and using the latest software development technologies, NaviGate provides you with a tool to manage and display most of the required navigational data for a safe and compliant navigation, including: 

BA Paper chart ordering and correction management (http or email)

• ADMIRALTY publication loose leaf correction service

• Technical publication library

• AVCS ordering and online updating services (http or email)

• AENP ordering and updating with the integrated AENP viewer

• ADP ordering and updating services

• ISM reports


Passage Planning


NaviGate Route Planner is a perfect complementary planning station to your ECDIS. Displaying all necessary data without cluttering the ECDIS screen, you plan a route according to ECDIS requirements and order all navigational data necessary for a safe and compliant voyage. Including:

  • Route planning on real AVCS and AIO charts displayed according to latest ECDIS regulations as well as paper charts
  • Check route function as per ECD

Voyage Planning